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Kathy Acosta, LCSW

Kathy Acosta, LCSW


Kathy Acosta, a licensed clinical social worker based in NJ, is a dedicated professional with a focus on trauma, specializing in supporting survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual abuse, and intergenerational trauma. Her work is fueled by a deep commitment to empowering first-generation adults, a mission that holds personal significance as she proudly identifies as a first-generation Latina raised by a mother from Honduras.

She serves as the Founder and CEO of HERO Counseling Center, a group practice located in Ridgewood, NJ. She is the CEO of Hero Consultations, where she offers coaching and guidance to individuals aspiring to launch their own practice. Additionally, she serves as the Founder of the Latinx Practice Collective, a membership platform that further contributes to community support and inclusivity.

Before delving into social work, Kathy navigated a successful career in business. Her decision to pursue a Master's in Social Work marked a pivotal juncture where her diverse professional background seamlessly blended with her educational journey. This convergence not only shaped Kathy's unique perspective but also laid the solid foundation for her current ventures—the flourishing group practice and consultation business she leads today.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she takes immense pride in her roles as a loving wife and mother to their son, as well as a fur mom to two dogs.

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